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How Artificial Intelligence is Helping the Beverage Industry Grow

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is developing the beverage industry by offering a supply chain with technologies.

FREMONT, CA: In the beverage industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic because of its numerous benefits. Several assumptions are going around about the methods in which AI can be implemented to a business model to achieve maximum benefit from it. 

AI can be used to analyze and evaluate data that will help the industry collect essential data from the sensors, warehousing, and marketing. These data will offer information to the beverage companies that they can utilize for their benefit and gain profit. To make use of data, the companies will need smart systems, and artificial intelligence is a massive part of this plan because the machines can make accurate decisions with proper algorithms. These algorithms can recognize data patterns, compare, and match them with the type of behavior. 

Supply companies are coming up with new methods of utilizing AI 

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020In the beverage industry, the supply companies have started to offer opportunities to artificial intelligence. There is also an IIoT multi-client platform that will help the machines to be interconnected and mapped used during production. This system also has various characteristics that are available in the MES suites. 

In the beverage industry, the technology will also offer a better establishment for artificial intelligence as the collection, classification, and back-up of the immense data will become easy. 

AI is offering new opportunities at the point of sale

Market researchers are forecasting that soon, and the beverage industry will apply smart solutions more heavily. The identification process will also become swift in the industry because it will boost the modernized reverse vending machines (RVMs). The latest vending machines can also exchange information with each other with the help of the IoT platform. Therefore, future artificial intelligence will make it possible for the industry to acquire real-time information about the quality of the empty containers that were returned.

The smart glasses also make intelligent utilization of AI due to which it is offering new options for the beverage industry. The technology is used in the drinking glass with a near field communication (NFC) chip with an ID, which means each glass has its identity. 

The chip will let the restaurant know the number and type of drinks the customer has so that they can directly offer them their service. Moreover, with the chip, the managers will see the kind of drinks customers prefer during weekends and weekdays. The smart glass can also help the beverage industry send a personal message to the consumers, like an update about a special event, recommended drink, or any competitions held on the premises.

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