Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

By Casey Debruyn, Ph.d., Heartland Food Products Group

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

Keys to Reaching the Peak of a Cyber Security Program Journey

By Christine Vanderpool, VP IT Security & CISO, Florida Crystals

Keys to Reaching the Peak of a Cyber Security Program...

The Intelligent, Integrated Restaurant

By Thomas Godsey, Director of Information Technology, Torchy’s Tacos

The Intelligent, Integrated Restaurant

How Cloud Kitchens Can Improve Online Food Delivery Services

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The restaurant owners are now depending on the cloud kitchen to smoothly run their online food delivery services.

FREMONT, CA:  One of the most profitable businesses in the market is the online food delivery, and several restaurant owners are taking advantage of it. Moreover, the restaurant owners have also focused on using cloud kitchens due to the increasing demand of online food delivery. 

However, these new models used to buy the restaurants are perfect if they want to enter the market without making any huge investment. For instance, if a restaurant is doing good business in one place, they might want to open another one is some other place nearby so to do this the owners do not have to spend a considerable amount of money. Besides with cloud kitchen, the restaurants can also rent a space in a location of their choice from where they can deliver food to their customers through online delivery services. 

However, in the cloud kitchen, the business models have two fundamental options, and the first one is to open their own cloud kitchen by investing in a small space filling the area with their own equipment. The second option that the restaurants have is to rent a space from the cloud kitchen operator, and they do not have t purchase any product. Nonetheless, the first option needs a considerable amount of investment and can also be cost-prohibitive. 

The necessary equipment required in a cloud kitchen include range, grill, exhaust hood, POS system for companies delivering online, reach-in refrigerators, oven, sinks, deep fryers, and counters.

If a restaurant does not want to provide its customers with additional products, it is not necessary that they have to keep options like soda and water fountains to manage the business model with a cloud kitchen. Furthermore, the restaurant will also not need the front-of-house employees with the online delivering system hence reducing their restaurant operating costs. 

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