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Four keys to surviving your digital transformation

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The Smart Factory in the Future Beverage Industry

How Smart Technologies Have Transformed the Beverage Industry?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Automation, Big Data, and AI technologies continue to improve; drinks companies will continue to find solutions to their most significant problems while enhancing their market appeal.

FREMONT, CA: With the beverage sector set to face an enhancing pressure in the future, smart technologies will become more significant for driving efficiency in drinks manufacturing, tracing products at every aspect of the supply chain. Marketing products for a tech-savvy consumer base. Smart technologies drive the beverage industry into a new digital era, from smart factories to robots driven by artificial intelligence. The speed at which the techniques are proving changing can make them difficult to track.

Automation and the internet of things technologies help food and drink manufacturers attain the so-called fourth industrial revolution. These comprise greater efficiency, minimized production costs, and improved safety to staff due to increasing automation through robotics and smart technologies.

Smart sensors introduced on the packaging lines can make it easier to fill the beverage packs and switch formats on the fly. It also collects the data that enables beverage producers to monitor their supplies and track the condition of filling tools to facilitate predictive maintenance.

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020IOT-enabled solutions can monitor transportation conditions for beverages in transit and afford more accurate and detailed record-keeping, ensuring products remain in compliance with safety regulations.

Big data can be a significant driver for the beverage industry when it comes to improving insights across the supply chain. The development of enterprise resource planning software provides companies with an online platform that compiles real-time information and helps them identify the best ways to optimize soft drinks production smoothies, alcohol, and other beverages.

AI allows computers to receive data, make actionable decisions, and create a significant benefit for the beverage industry supply chain.

In the future, organizations will continue to develop technologies in a bid to answer the main problems facing the drinks industry. In particular, sustainability could be a focus, as food and drink companies come under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact. It can see the production of more technologies that help the bid towards cutting our single-use plastic.

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