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Is Robotics Prepping for the Food Manufacturing Industry?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, January 23, 2020

The latest developments in recent times are allowing order picking, where an employee or a customer can place an order with the help of technology, and the food robot fills that preferred order automatically.

FREMONT, CA: The food manufacturing industry has developed into a more complicated process that involves prepping, cooking, cataloging, packaging, and palletizing. The much heard about industrial robots are more and more being integrated to save time and space, along with enhancing sanitation and safety.

Robotics is defined as the technology that deals with the construction, design, and operation of robots in automation. It includes the computer systems needed for their control, sensory response, and information handling. Since a few years, food manufacturing has grown more difficult within the complex processes that require operating specific tasks.

Processes such as preparing ingredients, different cooking techniques, and picking and packing come under robotics. Additionally, it also helps in improving the safety of the food manufacturing environment.

A significant development in robotic technology within the food processing industry has marked the beginning of the evolution of advanced grippers. The grippers function independently to gently handle the sensitive food products such as fruit and vegetables, without destroying them. The packaging industry is predicted to use big data, to heighten the deployment of real-time updates that the customers, in the present day, are expecting within the modern-day lifestyle.

Robots within the food industry have been faultlessly incorporated throughout the industry over the past couple of years, keeping in mind the high demand for lean manufacturing. The independent solutions driven by the robots indicate that they are capable of making high precision movements in the workplace, having regulated safety measured accurately. Moreover, it lends a hand in mitigating the number and intensity of the accidents that occur in the workplace as much as possible.

In the food and beverage industry, robotics and automation, without any doubt, is an area to watch that is growing without a stop. Automation and robotics are improving the potential of the manufacturing process all in all. With the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, it is likely to impact the interrelation of the food industry processes positively.

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