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What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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What are the New Developments in the Food Packaging Sector?

Food and Beverages | Friday, June 26, 2020

The changing trends in consumer behavior have modified packaging significantly. Many trends that were relevant earlier are still being used with new additions making packaging more sustainable.

Fremont, CA: Today, consumers are very well-informed and aware. When it comes to food, the producers, as well as consumers, are precautious about the ingredients used and their processing. The changing perception of consumers has influenced several packaging trends

This article sums up five advancements of food packaging, arising from the processing end that is ruling in 2020.

Clean labeling

Customers, while purchasing a packaged food item, derive its information from the labels. PMMI reports that around 91 percent of consumers believe that the products that contain identifiable ingredients are healthier. Therefore, to meet the expectations of the customers, clean labeling strategies are devised to offer details of the ingredients and nutritional content from the labels to the consumers.

Plant-based components

Alongside plant-based food, plant-based packaging is also increasing in demand. Countries are aiming to reduce landfills to the maximum, which invites the adoption of recyclable and compostable packaging materials. 

Lifestyle food

Top 10 Food Processing and Packaging Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019With growing health consciousness among consumers, food items that ensure to maintain bone and brain health, body weight, and overall energy, are high in demand. In addition to this, it is also seen that snacks are quickly replacing meals as they come in portion sizes and are healthy too. To make them portable and more convenient to consume on the go, stand up pouches and resealable containers are trending in 2020.


Maintaining the sustainability of the packaging is another trending aspect in the food industry. Companies now are aiming to serve the farm on plates, i.e., serve fresh organic food directly from the farms, to meet the health quotient demand of the consumers. Simultaneously, the focus is also being laid upon the use of biodegradable materials. Such materials are important to maintain the freshness of the food as well as reduce the damage caused to the environment.

Tracking and tracing 

Fraudulent activities are now spread everywhere, and the food industry isn’t an exception. Contamination and use of low quality or harmful ingredients, replacing the healthy and costlier ingredients, are common today. The companies need to comply with FSMA and hold a secure position in the market. So companies are adopting new technologies like QR codes for connecting to the customers. 

Thus, it is seen that the changing consumer trends have largely influenced the packaging trend, which in turn has added to the loyalty of consumers. The new developments in food packaging are not just for the sake of earning more profits but are devised in a way that can solve the consumer queries and gain sustainability.

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