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Why are Consumers Inclining Towards Seafood?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Seafood has been gaining attraction in the emerging markets for its health benefits and flavor adaptability.

FREMONT, CA: The preference for seafood is rising due to the surge in health awareness and increase in consumption of fish protein among the health-conscious consumers who are also the key factors that drive the global fish protein market growth. With plant protein being popular, consumers are replacing protein like beef and pork, which are considered to be less healthy with seafood, even in products like burgers. In a survey conducted by Datassential in August, 58 percent of consumers stated that they are trying to increase the consumption of seafood, in comparison to 37 percent who said who was trying to improve the consumption of veggie burgers. Surprisingly the consumers are more inclined towards consuming more seafood than any other protein including nuts and beans as well. This trend towards flexitarianism predominantly among the millennial will continue to benefit the seafood industry.  

Quick-service and fast-casual concepts are preferred. Even big brands like Long John Silver’s, and newbie like STRFSH, who is also the trendsetters are focused on bringing seafood to the masses. A growing trend in consumer desire is noticed towards sustainable seafood in a pocket-friendly price point that can be prepared quickly without compromising on the flavor or the quality of the product. Talking about the ways of food consumption, fried is always preferred. It’s the same with seafood; fried fish is always the first choice on the menus, but fitness aware consumers are moving towards a healthier and fresher cooking option like grilling or roasting, or consuming raw in sushi or poke.

Bowls are a trend for the quick-serve community the seafood segment is making the traditional fork-and-knife delicacy portable. Hence there has been a surge in options such as ROLLN’s sushi hand rolls, sandwiches, and tacos created with best quality sustainable seafood.

Currently, wider varieties of fish species are available in a limited-service setting. Options that were considered to be a delicacy is becoming accessible to everyone, and the menu is expanded by including items found in the fast-casual environments, including oysters and lobster. It is predicted that consumers are now exposed to higher-quality seafood from more sustainable practices, lighter and natural preparations that enhance the flavors of seafood will become popular.

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